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We are a multinational and multi-ethnic company. Every day, 35,000 employees of more than 100 nationalities work together, respecting the different cultures and ideologies.

Diversity has become our competitive advantage, which allows us to grow, create synergies and better adapt to the challenges that are present in each country.

We promote respect among colleagues and an appreciation of the contribution made by every one of our people. In places where diversity is more apparent, we develop specific programs that encourages Inclusion and Equal Opportunity.

As for gender diversity, we are promoting a greater female presence within the Group even though the sector has traditionally been predominantly male. It is doing this not only for staff positions in administration but also technical ones on construction sites through training programs for young graduates.

Salini Impregilo also promotes gender diversity within the scope of corporate governance, such as Board of Directors, where women made up 26.6% of the members in 2017. This percentage is higher than the European Union average registered in 2016, a year in which the percentage of woman sitting on the boards of directors of the biggest publicly traded companies of all sectors in the region’s 28 member states was 23.3%.

In Australia, Salini Impregilo developed two policies (Equal Employment Opportunity, Harassment and Bullying) that set principles and objectives to guarantee a working environment that values every employee regardless of sex, race, age or background. It applies these policies to the projects it is developing in the country. It ensures that every hire receives induction training and is informed of the policies and procedures regarding diversity on the work site.

Top stories of diversity

AU danimarca 400

Denmark: Copenhagen Cityringen Metro

With workers from 24 countries involved in the project, Salini Impregilo has set an example of positive engagement with local stakeholders, and helped the construction industry to make progress in respecting local culture and social needs.
With both Danish and international companies participating in the project, people have had to adapt and understand foreign cultures in order to identify suitable solutions.

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Diversity on the Sydney construction site

Salini Impregilo recognises, respects and values differences among its workforce and in the Australian society at a whole, making...

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Diversity on the Perth worksite

At the construction site of Perth’s Forrestfield-Airport Link, the latest project being developed by the Group in the country...

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AU donna 400x400 01

Lane Construction Corporation

In the United States, the Group’s subsidiary The Lane Construction Corporation, has a unit at the head office that is responsible for the implementation of two policies: one on Equal Opportunity and the other on harassment.

Both policies assign specific responsibilities to managers, supervisors and employees, whether they be at the office or in the field.

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