Diversity on the Sydney construction site

Salini Impregilo recognises, respects and values differences among its workforce and in the Australian society at a whole, making Inclusion and Diversity an integral part of its strategy.

In Sydney the Group has implemented a dedicated program focused on three key pillars:

  • Involving an inclusive workforce through meeting specific diversity targets;
  • Extending social targets to the supply chain;
  • Providing vocational and awareness training also on inclusion and diversity topics.

In detail, the project gave preference for direct employment to young people, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, and applicants from disadvantaged groups and from Greater Western Sydney. Specific social targets included a minimum 20% of employees to be hired from the local community, at least 15% of trainees and a minimum 2% of employees from disadvantaged groups. Moreover, the project hired 85 employees from the Aboriginal community.

Social targets for supply chain included a minimum 160 suppliers to be drawn from local businesses. Moreover, an industry “match-making” program has been set up to help small- and medium-sized business in the area connect with Salini Impregilo and other contractors delivering the Sydney Metro Northwest skytrain. The program was run by Industry Capability Network, a business network that connects companies to projects and was funded by the NSW Government through NSW Trade and Investment.

Beyond usual vocational training, a specific Aboriginal Heritage Awareness training program was delivered to the workforce, while the project participated to a specific Pre-Employment Program to be delivered to marginalized long-term unemployed people from the Greater Western Sydney area to contribute to the development of their skills and knowledge. The program received the 2015 Premier’s Award in the category of “Making NSW a Better Place to Live”.

The project was able to achieve all the training and diversity targets.

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